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Disco Pavillion 3


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Product Description

Quantity: 20 kids
Price: Price $425.00
Additional kid: $15.00 per kid
Private room for 2 hours with lazer lights show and smoke and Play area for 3 hours.
1 pizza slice and soda or juice drink per kid (soda fountain)
3 Cheese Pizzas 14″ and 3 soda pitchers (Soda fountain)
Hostess / Invitations / 2 adults per kid
Birthday Gift:

One free entrance on your next visit

VIP Pass: 20% off on your next visit for 1 year

15% off your next birthday booking

*A 50% deposit is required for reservations. Everything is subject to availability. We reserve the right of admission. **You may bring your cake of preference. Please ask your preferred Kids Pavillion for food options and restrictions.


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